Saturday, 10 May 2014

Kids Cafe Topics #1

Check out the awesome topics for the first Kids Cafe!! Remember you now have two weeks to create your tutorials. Tutorials need to be uploaded to the Google Presentation by Friday 23rd May. You can upload your tutorial here:

Topics for the first Kids Cafe

Workshops by Matarau School, Whangarei, NZ - @room8smarties
Year 4
Teacher - Simone Gentil @simone015

*How to take care of turtles (Red Eared Sliders)
* Dinosaurs
* How to knit
* Creating a bee garden
* Designing a frog habitat
* How you can help your local SPCA or animal shelter
* Hands on maths games
* Caring for horses

Workshops by Roseau Valley School, Dominion City, Manitoba, Canada 
- @rvsgrade3 Grade 3
Teacher - Jennifer Collette @jennmarieco

* How to do kart wheels and hand stands
* How to play farm stimulator
* How to play Hot Cross Buns on a recorder
* Flicking a ring in the air
* How to do soccer tricks
* How to play “Marisska’s Song” on recorder
* How to Play “Indian Dance” on piano.
* How to draw Minecraft characters
* Yoyo tricks
* How to put make up on

Workshops by Vardon School, Hamilton, NZ - @Vardonroom7
Year 3 and 4
Teacher - Marcelle Natusch @MNatusch

* 5 minute chocolate cake
* Cheerleading
* How to kick a rugby ball over a goal post
* How to do a head stand
* Maori phases
*How to use iMovie
* How to make poi
* Rugby skills
* How to make a chocolate cake
* Features of a cave

Workshops by Spreydon Primary, Christchurch, NZ - @ChCh_based
Year 5 and 6
Teacher - Ruth Duke-Norris @ChCh_based

* How to play netball
* How to play football
* Dinosaurs
* War
* St John
* Getting involved

Workshops by EIS International School, Malaysia - @EISGrade5
Year 6 (Grade 5)
Teacher - Richard Stuart @richdstuart

* Football and basketball skills
* How to make a castle in Minecraft
* How to cook fried rice
* How to make ‘skylanders’ cardboard characters
* How to make a hamburger
* Dolphins
* How to make a Turbo Pig Cannon in Minecraft

Workshops by Springston School, Canterbury, NZ - @coolkiwikids
Year 4/5
Teacher - Allana Taylor @kiwiallana

* Caring for puppies
Dance moves
* Samoan Greetings
* Bike Tricks
* Play the Ukulele
* Minecraft for beginners PE
* Build a house in Minecraft PE
* Tractor training
* French Plait
* Care for rabbits
* How to make crystals

Workshops by Beachlands School, Auckland, NZ - @beachlands19ers
Year 5 and 6
Teacher - Megan Croll @megancroll1

* How to make clothes for pets
* How to score a simple goal in soccer
* Finger knitting
* Creating a game
* Handball
* How to add numbers with three decimal places
* How to draw

Workshops by Marsden Primary, Wellington, NZ - @marsdenwgtn
Year 6
Teacher - Callie Ballara @periwinkle007

* How to make a paper hat
* How to make fairy lights
* How to draw cartoon characters
* How to make sherbet

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